Detroit Strategy Summit

Posted by Morley Winograd on August 08, 2014 at 10:36 AM

We know that fighting for free college tuition is no easy task. It’s why we need your help and support. It’s why we need to make sure this issue is on the forefront of elections across the country. And it’s why, on Wednesday some of RAP’s earliest endorsers and supporters gathered together in a summit to plot a course for how RAP’s vision will be realized. 

Joined by former Arkansas Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter, former Michigan Congressman Bob Carr, former DNC Chairman Don Fowler and other higher education reform advocates, the summit included a discussion of the incredible progress made since the launch of our organization in June, addressing some of the outstanding questions that exist around the organizations overall direction and taking actionable next steps to get us there.

The group reached a consensus that our mission should be to “make public colleges tuition free everywhere in the country.” To make this happen, we want to focus our efforts on achieving three goals by 2018:

1. Generating sufficient public support that a majority of Americans agree strongly with the idea that college tuition should be free.

2. Establishing a process at the federal level that enables interested states to make their public colleges tuition free.

3. Helping at least three states implement plans to make all of their institutions of higher education tuition free.

The group also agreed on five values that will continue to guide all of our interactions and policy deliberations:

✓     Economic Mobility

✓     Personal Responsibility

✓     Institutional Accountability

✓     Intergenerational Equity

✓     Fiscal Integrity

Thanks to all of you who provided your own input to our deliberations by answering our survey before the meeting. Your stories and ideas are why we’re here, and will be critical to driving this conversation. 

We welcome your comments and feedback on our plan and look forward to sharing its evolution with each of our supporters as we work to make all public colleges in America tuition free. 


Redeeming America’s Promise (RAP) is a non-profit organization established in the State of Washington in 2014 to educate parents, students, the higher education community, policy makers and taxpayers about efforts needed to fundamentally reform our nation’s system for financing higher education. This website and RAP’s educational outreach activities are made possible through generous individual and foundation support. We expect an IRS determination of our 501(c) 3 status in the near future.

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